Tomáš Dobrotka
- Webhoster and Slovak .TLD Expert
- Passionate Software Developer
- Honest IT and Tech. consultant
- Creative Advertisement Creator, Consumer and Critic
- Trouble Maker and IT problem solver
- A normal average misfit :)
- Ethical Hacker
- Sailor
- Entrepreneur

About me:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INTJ

+421 907 717 476
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Skills and Knowledge:

I consider myself as and Top-Expert in the following fields and technologies:
With Top-expert I mean, things that I have worked with daily for last 10+ Years. And/Or counting 10.000+ hours.

-Domain and DNS services
-HTTP Protocol debugging and provisioning
-IMAP, POP3, SMTP protocols (and Software)
-PHP Application provisioning & development & hosting
-WebApplications development and delivery
-MySQL: Server management, performance optimizations, development...
...other wide range of IT/Web/Data related technologies.

Other Knowledge:

-Symfony (PHP Web Application framework)
-RoundCube Plugins fixing and/or development
-CardDav protocol research and implementation
-CalDav protocol research and implementation

For living I do mostly:

-Fixing, auditing and implementation of any of the above mentioned
-Software and technology research
-Software and technology implementation
-Data mining (OSINT or Private)
-Data processing, conversion, merging,...
-Data Migration and transformation
-Process automation
-Product design and development
-Protocol implementation
-Customer care

Some other skills (hobby like):

-Data acquisition and reporting
-Business intelligence
-InfoSec, OSINT, CI

My current occupation

Currently I am working as VIP tech support and product strategy developer of webhosting. The only webhosting where each client is treated as VIP. Over a decade I am following this simple idea of service. This, I think has ben fulfilled in the current state of the company and client base.


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